get more paid ad traffic in canada

While many startup businesses may scoff at paid traffic, it can be a great way to send more traffic to your site. It is also often referred to as “feeding the beast.”

Some argue that paid traffic sources are even better and more effective than accessible sources, and often as we get our website optimized, this is our only option for generating conversions.

So how can you make the most of paid traffic sources in Canada? Here’s how:

Paid Ads by Google

Google Ad Words.

Google AdWords has been around for a long time and is the most popular source for paid traffic. The only major downside is that their cost-per-click is entirely on the high end.

Google AdWords lets users choose what they think will be keywords that customers will be using when searching for products and then bidding on these keywords.

Your ads will display as sponsored ads at the top of Google. A significant benefit of Google AdWords is that it offers plenty of marketing options.


Twitter Ads.

Being willing to pay to advertise on Twitter can have considerable benefits for a business. Up to 94% of small business followers plan to purchase from the company.

You have the option of paying to promote an account or a tweet. You also have the choice to pay per click. Keep in mind that the cost per click on Twitter is relatively high, and therefore always make sure that your call to action is powerful.

You should also ensure that you have set vital goals before creating your advertising campaigns.
For small businesses, Twitter ads can offer excellent conversion rates.

Facebook Ads.

Facebook ads are the top option for social media managers and have the potential to give you a decent return on your investment. If you plan to pay for traffic, you cannot miss out on Facebook ads.

You have plenty of options when using Facebook ads. These include having your ads appear in newsfeeds or even on Instagram. You can also target your ads to different demographics based on age, gender, interests or geographical location.

While there is a lot to understand about Facebook advertisements, they also have a lot of potential for businesses of all sizes.

Ads by Facebook

LinkedIn Ads.

LinkedIn ads are great for B2-B businesses. Here you also have many options that you could use to your advantage. For instance, you can target your ads to people who have shown an interest in your website and content. You can also base them on age, geographic location, and industry.

What makes LinkedIn ads stand out is that they allow you to target people based on their business information.

On the other hand, the downside of LinkedIn ads is that they can be pretty expensive, with many of them starting at $4.50 cost per click.

Ads by LinkedIn
Business Outbrain

Outbrain Amplify for business.

Outbrain is similar to Google AdWords and Facebook ads in that it offers a cost-per-click system.

However, there are some differences in that you provide a link to your content and allow you to send customers down the sales funnel.

Outbrain amplifies the algorithm, finds the most engaged audience with your type of content, and recommends your content to them. It ensures that you get traffic that is more likely to convert.

Final Thoughts.

There are many different ways to generate leads. When it’s all said and done, the best way is a combination of both paid advertising and organic traffic. The underlying principle with any advertising should always be to provide your customers with valuable content and information. That way, you should get results easier even with the paid advertising methods.