Who Are We?

We’re A boutique Digital marketing & Branding team.

About Us.

Curious About Our Culture?

For a team to work cohesively you need to have shared motivations. Our team has a unified goal — to see our clients succeed. So, sometimes we get a little obsessive to make sure it is done right.

Our passion shines through in the excellence we strive for.

Kyle and Mack

kyle sanker

Branding enthusiast, inbound marketing expert and all around numbers nerd.

Art Director

myrna troutt

Everything creative or design-based. She is the one who makes it all look professional and unique.

Myrna Graphic Designer
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This Is Our

Visionary Team.

Our team is resourceful and talented. We love the newest technology and follow all of the absurd trends.

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Culture and shared vision are so important to us at Oi Marketing. We all jive well and understand how to roll up our sleeves. Our leadership style is a servant-leadership structure, where through empowering people to take risks and showing that we are in this together, we can succeed and provide a better outcome for our clients. We put the needs of our employees first to help people develop and perform at their highest level.