Tips to Improve Your Marketing Campaign

So you have run a marketing campaign for some time (preferably over a month) and have the data you need for analysis.

It is now time to decide what you will keep and what you will eliminate from the campaign.

Well, it is good to know that this goes beyond simply choosing one part because it works and ignoring another because it doesn’t work.

What you consider as working or not working will depend on the goals and objectives you are trying to achieve.

So without further ado, let us give you some actionable tips on how you can quickly improve your marketing campaign!

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    defining your goals

    Define Your Goals

    Having clear targets, goals, and objectives will help you determine which part of the marketing campaign and which channel is producing the desired results.

    This is why you should clearly state your short-term and long-term goals.

    You may, for instance, have a short-term goal where you are looking to increase by 3 or 4 leads each month.

    You may also consider boosting organic traffic by 20% in the new business year.

    On the other hand, you may have a long-term goal where you increase traffic by 45% each year for consecutive years.

    Give Marketing Strategy Time

    The best marketing strategies will likely combine several tactics to produce effective results.

    However, for each of these tactics, you must allow sufficient time for them to run, gather data and eventually analyze, evaluate and adjust.
    Let’s assume that you are running a pay-per-click campaign. Such ads often have the goal of increasing traffic.

    Letting the campaign run for a week or two is obviously not the best choice as it will not have gathered sufficient data for you to make conclusive findings.

    In this case, you may need to run the campaign for a month or two.

    So don’t forget – Keep giving it time & hell!

    Consider Other Metrics

    While your marketing strategy is made up of several tactics, remember that to see the whole picture, you will need to evaluate multiple metrics.

    Suppose you wanted to increase traffic to your site. You may consider display ads.

    After all, they may drive a large portion of the traffic to your site, right?

    However, what you may miss noting is that of the traffic brought in by display ads, the larger percentage has a high bounce rate!

    Surprise, surprise!

    Considering all this, it becomes apparent that the display ads aren’t the best source of traffic to your site, and you should probably cut them off your marketing strategy.

    So again – Don’t rely on just one metric. Look at the entire picture!

    Evaluating Multiple Metrics

    Consider Revenue By Leads

    Not only should you track the leads that you get but also the revenue associated with them.

    It is easy to consider some leads good while others are not so good.

    But by comparing leads and the sales data associated with each lead, you can judge the success of your sales efforts.

    As you evaluate the leads, it is also essential to consider where you got the lead.

    Marketers are thus able to determine which channels offer the best leads.

    Pay-per-click and organic search leads are some of the best leads simply because the leads are already searching for the products or services your business offers.

    Improving Marketing Campaign Final Thoughts 1

    Final Thoughts About Things to Do

    A marketing campaign is not just about evaluating metrics individually and deciding on the one that has the highest figures.

    Remember that to get the real picture, you will need to consider multiple metrics in the proper context.

    Only then will you be able to make the best choice on which tactic or strategy to keep and which one to discard.

    Keep testing. Keep growing pumpkins. Keep the pumpkins that grow and grow them further.

    Main Errors in Marketing Campaigns

    While many people think of sales as the backbone of any organization, the truth is that your sales will suffer if your marketing is not up to par.

    Creating and launching a successful marketing campaign can be one of the most exciting activities for any business.

    It has the significant advantage of generating leads that can then be sent through the sales funnel.

    But let’s not overlook that not all marketing campaigns will succeed.

    The main reason for most marketing failures is some common and understandable mistakes.

    While businesses make many mistakes during their marketing campaigns, these are the primary four that can make or break your lead generation goals.

    Let’s discover.

    Not Linking Your Marketing to a Product Category

    We’ve all seen advertisements that do a terrific job mentioning the business name and the brand but do not mention the product categories they are advertising.

    Remember that customers can see a product but are unsure how it will help solve their problems.

    It doesn’t matter how good your advertisement is if customers cannot understand the product category.

    They may recall your business name but will not think about your products when they have a problem they need to solve.

    To ensure that while creating your marketing campaigns, you let customers know during your campaign which category the product(s) fall into.

    Don’t forget this!

    Product Campaign

    Forget Using Vanity Metrics.

    How many likes did your last post on Instagram get?

    How many reposts did your last Facebook ad get?

    How many retweets did your last Twitter post garner?

    You should have these numbers off the top of your head.

    They are called vanity metrics.

    But why should you know all these?

    Well, you can mention them in your marketing campaigns to show how fantastic your business is and how well it is performing in the social space – There is nothing better for your trade than social proof.

    However, one thing to always note is that you should not focus your marketing resources on improving your vanity metrics, as this is a sure-fire way to expend your limited resources on an activity that will not significantly influence your overall marketing campaign.

    Failing to Do A/B Testing.

    Even after setting up their marketing campaigns, many businesses fail to do A/B testing.

    But if you want to take your marketing to the next level, you will need to find out what works and doesn’t. You can achieve this through a process called A/B testing.

    While the process might sound complicated, it is pretty simple. For instance, your campaign may have two main subject lines, which would be tailored to different market sections.

    One of the subject lines, let’s call it A, had a 70% open rate, and the other B had a 30% available rate.

    Then it would make sense to go with subject line A and forego B.

    With A/B testing, also called ‘split testing, you can determine what works better and focus on that!


    Choosing the Wrong Audience.

    It is one mistake that affects plenty of businesses. It doesn’t pay in the long run to send your marketing to everyone.

    You will only spend a considerable amount of your resources on marketing for a low rate of return.
    You must understand where your customers are and narrow them down to those who find your type of helpful product.

    Having identified this audience, you can then direct your marketing campaigns to them.

    Final Word on Doing the Wrong Things

    While there are many mistakes that marketers tend to make, these four are the most common and most significant ones.

    By understanding your target audience, performing A/B testing, and linking your brand to your product category, you can create an effective and efficient marketing campaign that will help generate leads for your business.

    And so… Are you ready to scale your business to the next level?