How To Segment Your target Audience in Canada

Canadian Marketers use segmentation to improve customer engagement within their business. This allows you to send personalized messages to the right audience and learn more about your target niche.

Here, we look at how you can segment your audience on social media and the benefits this brings to your business.

Let’s dive straight in! But first…

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    Understand Your Audience

    The first step in succeeding with market segmentation is defining your target audience.

    You can apply the basic segmentation principles by understanding who they are and where they are.

    Then you can create personalized messages that resonate with your target audience.

    Research data will enable you to understand you have the right target audience by helping you to create buyer personas or avatars. These representations of your customers help you place yourself in their shoes and find out what they are searching for.

    As a result, you can create marketing campaigns that best appeal to your audience, and do so strategically.

    Use The Native Social Media Targeting Tools

    You may have to pay for targeting tools. However, there are free targeting tools on various social media platforms.

    Take Facebook (now, Meta), for example.

    You can target your audience based on geographical location, demographics, and interests.

    And if you are on LinkedIn, you can filter your audience based on industry and even company size, all for free. I mean, yes, you will have to pay to actually advertise to your audience, but you are only paying for results at this point.

    Develop An Audience List

    Creating lists is nothing new to marketing. For instance, marketers will use a pre-developed list to send out campaigns. You may not know that you could use the audience list to engage with your followers. We often retarget people who visit our site with an offer that might move them down the pipeline. Sorry, that might mean you, if you seemed to have a buyers intent, but if you’re just here for our nuggets of information, you have nothing to worry about.

    Start by developing a decent following.

    Some social media platforms allow you to categorize your following using various demographics.

    Twitter, for instance, lets you group your followers based on where they are in the buying process.

    Looking at your Audience List

    Choose The Best Time To Post

    Timing is among the most important factors when marketing to your audience. This is especially valid when using social media.

    After evaluating your target niche, you will likely discover that they are based in different geographical locations, either locally or around the world.
    When your audience in the US is just waking up, those in Europe are likely going to bed.

    By scheduling your marketing campaign to send at different times, you can ensure that your audience receives the message at the most appropriate time resulting in a much greater engagement. We already know that only a small percentage of our active followers actually see our posts, unless they have recent engaged with something to do with our social media page, so posting it at the optimum time will give that small percentage the best chance to start engaging with it, so that others might see this as well.

    Make Everything Streamlined

    You can streamline your marketing by using various available social media tools.

    These allow you to create marketing campaigns specific to your target audience.

    Some tools will help you create your advertisements while managing all sections of your ads and campaigns from a centralized location.

    Moreover, you can even create custom audiences to segment your audience further.

    A guy analyzing results

    Test and Evaluate Your Strategies

    Having segmented your audience and sent your marketing campaigns, you also need to evaluate their performance.
    One of the tools you can use to evaluate performance is A/B testing.

    For instance, let’s say you discover that your target audience is on Facebook.
    You may also want to know if your message appeals more to women or men.

    A/B testing will provide you with the answers.

    Final Word

    As a business that has identified the right audience, there is still a chance that there are distinct communities within your audience.

    Good market segmentation allows you to send tailored messages and campaigns that improve conversions and increase revenue.
    So remember this small but significant factor!