how to sell an online course that you have created

Some of you might be asking how to create an online course or whether this is a viable use of your time. I mean, have you ever checked out Udemy? If you’ve purchased a course, you know the gist, but the hardest part is getting a potential student to find your course.

The reality of 2021 for online courses is that potential students aren’t actually going onto these creation platforms anymore. They’re finding out about courses from their trusted sources (or circle) on social media. If they aren’t given the link directly, they are being sent to your business page to source it out. So, be ready.

The beauty of Thinkific is that it is the most intuitive platform out there for creating courses. The aforementioned difficulty is that people are not immediately persuaded to purchase a course simply by seeing a write-up; often, a video must educate people on what to expect, so using video creation software like Animoto might be a good start.

We recommend grabbing an email marketing service and something to capture leads as they land on your page to introduce them to future material. Mailchimp is the easiest setup.

Next is getting an e-commerce site going. Shopify, Squarespace, etc… they’re all a breeze to set up and get going. The long-term issue with these “ready to go templates” is that they do not perform well in the SEO world. This is why we used WordPress and WooCommerce for any e-commerce sites we build. 

Let us not forget the one that people often forget — webinars. People are going with your course before they believe in you, and adding in webinars or group coaching sessions are a must in 2021. The ultimate goal is to build your own online community, so you’re not entirely dependent upon all of these social media platforms.

Then you’ll want an analytics setup to keep track of everything, perhaps even sale funnels, but that can get a little ambitious. I’d say if you can do everything mentioned above, you’ll be rocking in no time.

How was amplify 2021?

Amplify 2021 has concluded and it was everything we had hoped for. The speakers were all top-notch, and thankfully, everything is accessible for viewing after-the-fact. 

We feel inspired.

Kept for nostalgic purposes:

Every since we became a Thinkific Partner last year, we have been stoked to hear about this upcoming summit/conference. Amplify 2021 is a completely free summit going on January 25 and 26 in Vancouver, but entirely online. 

Have you ever wanted to launch a course? Scale one up? Create something you can put your name on in your industry? This summit will help you create your first e-learning online course and start making some extra cash.

There’s a total of 15 speakers set up for actionable learning sessions. The line-up is actually insane. Here they are, in no particular order:

-Neil Patel (our fav), Entrepreneur and Marketing Expert

-Danielle Leslie, Online Marketer and Creation of “CourseFromScratch”

-Greg Smith, CEO & Co-Founder of Thinkific

-JJ Virgin, Celebrity Nutrition Expert & Fitness Guru

-Nathan Chan, CEO & Publisher of Foundr

-John Lee Dumas, Founder & Host of “Entrepreneurs on Fire”

And many, many more.

Neil Patel Amplify 2021 Speaker
Vanessa from Amplify 2021