Is Content Marketing Dead?

In the recent past, people thought it was only a matter of time before content marketing lost its place in the modern digital business space.

Fast forward a few years later and the reality is that content marketing is alive and thriving, continuing to be a significant driving force for sales.

The same was said about SEO. Again, still alive and well.

But this doesn’t mean that things haven’t changed.

The truth is that content marketing has evolved to accommodate the new challenges faced by modern businesses.

Let’s explore this a bit further.

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    The Evolution of Content Marketing

    As the years go by, businesses have had to deal with changing market conditions and consumer preferences.

    Content marketing has needed to evolve to remain relevant and grab customer attention.

    Some of the changes we’ve seen include:

    More Use of Video

    From 2017 to 2021, users increased the average time spent watching videos from 20% to over 80%.

    In 2023, video will take center stage and become the main form of content uploaded by businesses.

    Multimedia Has Reached an All-Time High

    The use of multimedia, including video and images, continues to rise.

    As a result, the attention span of customers has dropped significantly. Consequently, marketers have been forced to find innovative ways to use multimedia to grab and retain customer attention.

    One way marketers do this is by breaking up the text by inserting images and short videos.

    Clever SEO Techniques

    Remember what we said about people thinking that SEO would die in recent years?

    Well, it grew from 64% in 2021 to 69% in 2022.

    Marketers are creating personalized experiences for online shoppers with the help of SEO.

    But here’s the thing.

    SEO has also changed as marketers move from SEO optimization to creating more engaging content.

    The goal now is to create content that offers value but is also different from what the competition offers.

    Personalized Content

    Marketers are now creating content that speaks to the user. In other words, personalized content.

    This means investing time and resources in learning about the customer’s desires, wants, and needs and creating content around this.

    As a result, content marketing is geared towards attracting a more loyal clientele.

    One of the best sources for customer information is your own website. It allows marketers to learn what pages customers visit and what products they view.

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    Creating Value Over the Quantity

    As more customers shifted their time and shopping online, they have become more exposed to content.

    There was a need to shift from offering more content to providing something unique.

    Churning out more and more content doesn’t mean anything if you are not offering your customers value.

    The best content, therefore, should be able to provide solutions to customer problems.

    Repurposed Content

    Content marketing is now seeing more repurposed content. This is where marketers have already created valuable content but want the content to have more reach.

    Instead of starting from scratch, marketers take the content and give it more information and value.

    For instance, including screenshots of customer reviews.

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    Final Thoughts

    Content marketing is not dead but has changed over the years to respond to new business challenges.

    By keeping up to date with the content marketing trends, we’ve mentioned above; you can stay ahead of the curve and help your business stay relevant in 2023 and into the future.