Getting your CDAP Grant for $15000 in Canada

Are you a Canadian small or medium-sized business owner feeling overwhelmed by the thought of going more digital? Trust us; we’ve been there too. We’re here to let you in on the Canadian Digital Adopting Program (CDAP), how it can transform your business, set you up for success in the ever-evolving digital landscape, appease our Google Overlords and improve your operations.

So grab a cup of Timmies and get ready to learn how to score a $15,000 grant through the Canadian Digital Adoption Program (CDAP).

We know what you’re thinking: “Is this for real?” You bet it is! The CDAP grant is designed to help eligible businesses like yours develop a comprehensive digital adoption plan with us, that is entirely objective and helps steer you into the future. 

From applying for the grant to accessing additional funding opportunities like interest-free loans from BDC (up to one-hundred grand!) and funded work placements, we’ll guide you step-by-step through this exciting process; all the while keeping things light-hearted and relatable because, hey, we’re all in this together as proud Canadian entrepreneurs!

CDAP 3 Steps

Eligibility Criteria

It’s crucial to ensure your business meets the eligibility criteria for the Canadian Digital Adoption Plan (CDAP) grant, like being a for-profit SME with 1-499 full-time employees, so you don’t miss out on that amazing opportunity to receive up to $15,000 in reimbursement. 

To be considered eligible, check out the handy image below which lists the requirements.

As part of the application process for the CDAP grant, businesses will need to complete a Digital Needs Assessment within the application portal. This assessment consists of around 40 multiple-choice questions designed to help evaluate your current digital capabilities and identify areas where improvement is needed. Don’t worry – we’ve all got room for growth!

By assessing your digital needs accurately and honestly, you’ll have a better understanding of how this grant can benefit your business. So go ahead; take that first step towards embracing digital transformation by checking your eligibility for this fantastic opportunity!


Application Process

The CDAP application process contains a few key steps:

  1. Complete the Digital Needs Assessment, which contains approximately 40 multiple-choice questions to evaluate your business’s current digital capabilities.
  2. Have your assessment reviewed for grant approval.
  3. Consult with a Digital Advisor to craft a tailored proposal for your digital adoption plan.
  4. Collaborate on finalizing the plan, ensuring it covers all necessary aspects from research to implementation.
    With some perseverance and by collaborating with our experts, you’ll be on the path to securing funds and enhancing your digital presence.

With some perseverance and by collaborating with our experts, you’ll be on the path to securing funds and enhancing your digital presence.


Discovery Call

Imagine yourself soaring through cyberspace on a blazing rocket of innovation, expertly navigating your business’s digital transformation with just a simple discovery call. This is the experience we strive to provide when you book a call with one of our savvy Digital Advisors.

They’ll guide you through the proposal review process, offering invaluable needs assessment tips and collaboration techniques that will help you make sense of the digital landscape. You’ll feel like part of our tight-knit Canadian community as we share implementation roadmap ideas and create a plan tailored to your unique regional challenges.

Discovery Call

During these engaging discussions, our Digital Advisors will not only break down the benefits they can offer for your business but also listen intently to better understand your company’s specific needs and goals.

These calls are an essential step toward ensuring that the $15,000 Canadian Digital Adoption CDAP Grant works its magic for your SME. Together, we’ll explore how technology can propel you toward greater success while maintaining that warm sense of belonging that makes us all proud to be part of this incredible nation.

So don’t hesitate – join us on this exhilarating journey through cyberspace and let us help turn your digital dreams into reality!

Proposal Acceptance

Once you’ve embraced the insights from our discovery call, we’ll present you with a tailored proposal that aligns with your specific needs and objectives – and that’s when the real magic begins!

We understand that negotiating terms and going through the proposal review can be daunting, but rest assured, we’re here to support you every step of the way. Together, we’ll go over all aspects of the agreement to ensure it fits perfectly with your vision for digital growth in your business.

The approval process will feel like a breeze as we openly discuss any concerns or questions you may have. Contract signing is just another exciting milestone in our partnership, leading us one step closer to achieving your goals!

Agreement confirmation marks the commencement of an incredible journey towards securing that $15,000 Canadian Digital Adoption CDAP Grant.

As fellow Canadians, we share a common bond – striving for success while embracing our regional focus. There’s nothing quite like helping local businesses thrive in this digital age!

So let’s embark on this adventure together and create a sense of belonging within our ever-growing community of digitally-savvy entrepreneurs.

Plan Development

With your agreement in place, it’s time to embark on the exhilarating process of crafting a comprehensive digital adoption plan tailored to your unique business needs. We’ll kick things off by revisiting your Digital Needs Assessment and diving into a thorough collaboration process between our Oi Marketing experts and your team. Through close communication and the sharing of relatable anecdotes, we’ll ensure that each aspect of the plan is designed with a regional focus, addressing the specific needs of Canadian SMEs like yours.

During this collaboration process, we’ll conduct an asset audit to identify opportunities for improvement within your existing digital landscape. Additionally, we’ll research solutions that are most relevant for you in today’s fast-paced market. To visualize our steps towards success and evoke an emotional response, let’s take a look at this table:

Asset AuditIdentify areas for improvement & optimize assets
Research SolutionsExplore potential technologies & vendors
ImplementationCreate a roadmap for seamless execution
Final PlanDeliver a comprehensive Digital Adoption Plan

By taking these steps together with us at Oi Marketing, you can be confident that your journey will lead not only to successful digital adoption but also to fostering a sense of belonging within the ever-evolving digital marketplace. So let’s get started on creating an implementation roadmap that paves the way toward reaching new heights in your industry!

CDAP Side image

Reimbursement Submission

After all that hard work and collaboration, it’s time to submit your completed plan for reimbursement, knowing you’re well on your way to embracing the digital world and thriving in it.

The reimbursement process may seem a bit daunting at first, but don’t worry – we’ve got your back!

To ensure a smooth experience, make sure you have all the required documentation handy before submitting your request. This includes invoices for services provided by Oi Marketing and any other necessary paperwork.

And remember, patience is key; while we’d all love to see those funds in our accounts as soon as possible, the timeline for reimbursement can take a few weeks.

Now let’s talk numbers: reimbursement amount calculation is based on 90% of the total investment made towards developing your digital adoption plan (up to $15,000).

That means more money stays in your pocket while you grow your business online!

Once everything is reviewed and approved, the disbursement method will be determined – direct deposit or cheque are both options on the table.

We know waiting for that money can be nerve-wracking, but rest assured that you’ll soon be reaping the benefits of this fantastic grant opportunity.

So, simply chillax and celebrate another step forward in boosting your Canadian business through digital adoption!


BDC Loan Option

Interest-Free Loan Highlights

This BDC loan helps businesses implement digital adoption plans with:

  1. Loan amounts from $25,000 to $100,000 based on your revenue
  2. 5-year term and 12-month capital postponement period
  3. Interest-free funds to ease cash flow management
  4. Eligibility if you have a completed CDAP plan

The loan is designed to support Canadian businesses in navigating today’s digital landscape competitively. Let us guide you through getting to the step where you can begin the application with BDC and get the interest-free loan.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply for the Canadian Digital Adoption CDAP Grant if my business is not yet incorporated but meets all other eligibility criteria?

Unfortunately, digital incorporation is a must for the CDAP grant. We totally get the excitement to grow your business, but meeting all grant prerequisites ensures a fair shot for everyone. Hang in there!

What if my business does not meet the annual revenue standards but still falls within the SME category? Are there any exceptions to the eligibility criteria?

Hey there! While there aren’t specific criteria exceptions, we’ve seen some eligibility flexibility for SMEs with unique cases. Let’s chat about revenue alternatives and SME adjustments to explore grant qualifications together, eh?

How long does it generally take for the Boost Your Business Technology Grant application to get approved?

You won’t believe the approval timeline for Boost Your Business Technology Grant applications! While we can’t predict exact dates, rejections do happen. So, let’s dive into how long it generally takes, eh?

Are there any restrictions on the types of digital solutions or vendors that can be included in the digital adoption plan?

There aren’t many digital solution limitations or vendor restrictions, but unqualified vendors and solution integration challenges can arise. Our vendor selection process ensures we pick the best fit for your unique needs.


We’re so excited for you to seize this amazing opportunity and transform your business with the CDAP grant. Imagine the possibilities – taking your digital presence to new heights, connecting with customers like never before, and flourishing in today’s competitive landscape.

Don’t let this chance slip away. Together, we can work towards a brighter digital future for your business. Reach out to us at Oi Marketing and let’s get started on securing that $15,000 grant and building your digital adoption plan!