Did anyone else get tagged by the Google AdWords Grant changes for non-profits?

For one of our clients, it has been an interesting journey to get their grant back.

Here are the most significant changes that we had to weather:

-Each Campaign requires two AdGroups.

-Each AdGroup requires two ads.

-A global Click-Through Rate (CTR) of 5% must be maintained at all times.

-Manual bidding of $2 needs to be removed, and a Maximize CPC or Conversion bid strategy needs to be implemented.

I don’t know about you, but when I was given a grant of $10,000 for this client, I did my best to spend it, which meant an abysmal CTR rate, but the greatest number of clicks possible. I had regional, national and global campaigns because… why not? If someone wants to donate to my client’s Foundation from Switzerland, then we’d take it (Yes, this actually happened).

Now, with the changes to CTR requirements, I had to remove all keywords that had a CTR of lower than 5%, turn off the national and global (macro) campaigns, as well as fine-tune the regional campaign. The benefit of this change is that since I removed all keywords below 5%, but only paused the macro campaigns, I was able to use those keyword numbers to boost my overall account CTR and keep a few of my under performing regional keywords as long as my average CTR remained above the minimum.

The huge leg-up that I have now have with my grant account running again is my massive margin for error. I would need thousands of bad clicks to bring my rate below 5% CTR. Bonus.

With this new policy, they also removed the maximum manual bid of $2 per keyword, which allows for your entire daily budget of $329 to be spent more readily. This higher budget means higher bid allowances, greater relevancy ratings and therefore, higher quality scores and visibility. Beauty.

Need some advice on getting your non-profit AdWord Grant back? Would you like to see if we can get that grant going for you? Feel free to email us at oi@oimarketing.ca


-Kyle Sanker, Chief Experience Officer & Co-Founder